New Features in this Version!


This Beta release completes dark mode along with the addition of new icons and a handful of Covid-19 related components and a component allowing you to post to Twitter.

Hardcore Dark Mode!

You may notice now that the individual dialogs all have dark mode enabled, and you won't see any more white screens in individual screens that you encounter through the app.

Covid-19 Components

We, like the rest of the world, are keeping up with events related to Covid-19. In response to overwhelming amounts of data and an obvious case for writing some of that data to the blockchain for security and auditability, we are releasing a set of components related to obtaining data from multiple sources about Covid-19. This, in combination with existing components, can be used to hash this data to the blockchain and if desired, notify users of updated data. This could be done with an email, SMS, orrrrrrrrrrr THE NEW TWITTER COMPONENT (check out below)!!

Check out our blog post about this here.

Twitter Component

NOW YOU CAN POST TO TWITTER!! YEEEHAW!!! Some things to note: you will need to generate and enter your own Twitter credentials in order to be able to post automatically using the API. For now, please refer to these instructions. Or these.