Bittrex Get Chart Data for a Market Details

Get trades for a given market during the selected time interval via Bittrex 's API.

Stuff You Need to Know

This component uses the Bittrex API to retrieve latest trade details for any of the markets they support. Possible details are listed in the tables below.

How to Configure

Component-specific settings:
  • market (field) - This field is required. Enter the market name you plan to use (ex: BTC-ZEN).
  • timeInterval (field) - This field is required.  Select one minute, five minutes, thirty minutes, one hour or one day time intervals.

Standard settings:

Click here to view information on standard settings.

What Happens Next

Response includes the following for the market:

  "success": true,
  "message": "''",
  "result": [
      "Orders": 0.008,
      "High": 0.008,
      "Low": 0.00311003,
      "Closed": 0.00715,
      "Volume": 209161.28332431,
      "TimeStamp": "2014-07-09T03:21:20.08",
      "BV": 1284.20909435

Want More Info?

Read more about the Bittrex API hereWant access to more Bittrex API endpoints? Contact us here for more info!