Add the Circuits of Value COVAL (ERC) Token to MetaMask

  1. Access MetaMask

    • Choose the account where you are storing / receiving COVAL (ERC) tokens

  2. Select Main Ethereum Network and open the Menu    

  3. Click ADD TOKEN

  4. Click CUSTOM TOKEN tab on Add Tokens screen

  5. Complete the ADD TOKENS form:

    • Enter the COVAL Contract address in the TOKEN CONTRACT ADDRESS field

      • COVAL (ERC) Contract Address:

    • The token symbol should auto-fill as "coval"

    • Leave "8" in the DECIMALS OF PRECISION field

    • Click NEXT

  6. Confirm you wish to add the new Token by clicking ADD TOKENS

  7. You should now see the new COVAL(ERC) token and any transactions from that contract address