Yeah! The next release of CircuitBuilder Beta is out!

New Features in this Version!


This Beta release improves usability based on early user feedback and experiences. With this release, we are also announcing the release of a new set of APIs: Welcome CoinGecko!

CoinGecko Components

Read this blog post to explore an example of using the CoinGecko Get Status Updates component. In that blog post, we create a circuit to watch for new listings on all of the supported exchanges, and send a notification when a new listing is added.

Also included in this release are the CoinGecko Get Events and Simple Price.

Improved User Experience

Feedback from our earliest users is absolutely critical to our success. Our CircuitBuiler Chat channel in Telegram is active and we participate in discussions there. We have also held boot camps to work closely with local developers who want to use CircuitBuilder. Given that feedback, we have made the following improvements:


All actions in the designer are now automatically applied. In certain conditions, too many actions without clicking Apply could cause the app to get stuck in a funky state.

No More Play/Pause

For now, we have removed the Play/Pause button at the top of the designer. In certain conditions, too many pause/play actions could cause the app to get stuck on a funky state, too. Want it back? Let us know!

Improved Designer Grid

The grid in the designer has been given a cleaner look.

Designer Buttons at the Top

The designer buttons: Zoom in/out, delete, etc. are now displayed at the top of the designer. They were easy to miss when at the bottom.

Bug Fixes

The Send Email component had a bug that prevented the user from seeing the Apply Settings button, thus rendering it unusable. It is usable now! Yay!

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