New Features in this Version!

This Beta release introduces 2 critical new features that vastly improve the users' ability to work on several circuits, and to be able to import templates outside of the ones offered in the app.

Save/Open Circuit

TADA!!!! Starting with this release, you will be able to save your circuit to a file on your computer, and then open CircuitBuilder files in CircuitBuilder any time you'd like. CircuitBuilder saves the file as a *.cb file. This allows you to work on multiple circuits over time, and save your progress as you work on the tasks associated with an individual circuit.

Template Deep Links

The CircuitBuilder app now knows how to respond to a template that we have made available online as a link! This will allow us to share templates with our users as we generate more ideas and use cases for CircuitBuilder. Starting now, we will begin to make template links available in social media and blog posts. Those templates will open automatically in your CircuitBuilder, and download any missing components, just as they templates inside the app do.

Note that you will need to have CircuitBuilder Beta 1.0.2 installed and opened at least once for this to work.

1 more note: On Windoze only, if you have CircuitBuilder open when you try to open a template, a second instance of CircuitBuilder opens, which can't run. This is an issue we know about and are working on.

Things you MAY have already Noticed

When we make updates to components, they are available to you live. When you open the Components dialog (under GET STUFF HERE), and you scroll down through your installed components, you will see some that would like updating. You can update them one by one, or update them all with the "Update components" link at the top of the installed components list.

New Components!!

We have added some new components under the Emblem category. They are deeper, technical, crypto- and blockchain- specific algorithms, like Generate Mnemonic Phrase, SHA-256, and Shamir Secrets. Take a look through components to see what else might be interesting to you.

Component Colors

We have made the console colors consistent, group by group.