Shamir Secret Join

Stuff You Need to Know

When you have gathered the minimum threshold k of shares required to reconstruct a secret that has been split into n shares, this can be used to reconstruct the original secret.  There are a few things to note here that sometimes trick people. For example, this algorithm will generate a "secret" from whatever you give it, even if you are not giving it the minimum k number of shares. It won't actually be your original secret, though. Be sure you are verifying what you are putting in, or you may get unexpected results.

How to Configure It

  • Shares: This is a self-expanding list of text boxes, so you can enter multiple shares into this component. Enter the first one, hit enter, and then a new row will appear. Use this to enter your shares used to reconstruct your secret.

What Happens Next

If everything worked the way you hope, you now have the original secret, and can use it, for example, to import into a wallet and recover the assets stored with it.