SHA-256 Hash

Stuff You Need to Know

SHA is a secure hash algorithm used in cryptocurrencies to verify transactions and calculate proof-of-work or proof-of-stake. This component takes in data (any string, really), and generates a SHA-256 hash of that data. These hashes are often stored on a blockchain. The benefit of this is that the hash is the same exact size every time, and you cannot reverse the original data with the hash.

How to Configure It

  • Data: The data that you want to create the SHA-256 hash of. This is typically a text string.
    • Note that if you want to use data from the previous component, you may need to enter {} into the data field here. If the incoming data is already a String (i.e. you entered a datatype String into the Trigger component), you should be good, but if the component is sending an Object (or JSON Object), then enter {} into the Data field.

What Happens Next

This is a frequent step to perform just before storing data on the blockchain. Or, it can be used as one step in an overall data processing stream.

Having trouble reading from a file? Try reading it in as text, even if it is not.