CSV Template Transform Object


Stuff You Need to Know

This component allows you to transform incoming data with new property names, making them easier to work with  downstream. It will only send data downstream that you specify in the Settings.

How to Configure It

  • Property:  This is the path to the upstream data property you would like to transform.
  • Name: This is the new name you would like to give to the specified property for outbound data.

What Happens Next

The incoming data will be transformed as specified. An example follows:

Sample incoming data:

  "item": {
    "ID": "2D9D0B45-D450-4873-B4FF-7DAD84CD9679",
    "Email": "2D9D0B45-D450-4873-B4FF-7DAD84CD9679@mysite.com"
  "keys": {
    "accessToken": {
      "method": "mock",
      "unloq_id": "974012",
      "unloq_key": "d4fF8763F8Ce8F99ef85f2ad7D62FcFa89ab4fcF365bDEfF7fb337153a13dcFF"
    "address": "15sEwPuBpg9xD14kQN6yt9QhsoBoUaqDi4",
    "keyType": "wallet",
    "keyOriginator": "CircuitBuilder",
    "key": "5bda660c68299dea321c870ec2034a654ced3a46cfdd853ac13c5fc7bd0cff1c"
  "response": {
    "payload": {
      "emblem_type": "public",
      "encrypted": "not used",
      "addresses": {
        "bitcoin": {
          "address": "1MphR8L9GMy7inT9asf1TBfDaAurosaz2c",
          "unit": "BTC"
        "bitcoincash": {
          "address": "1MphR8L9GMy7inT9asf1TBfDaAurosaz2c",
          "unit": "bch"
        "bitcoindark": {
          "address": "RW6tVeDRsBmgnnpM43e8YhzRLSNTSSxxFP",
          "unit": "btcd"
     "import_response": {
        "name": "EMBLEM-279204-377220",
        "grant": {},
        "emblem": {}

And then if we configure the settings like this:

Then the output looks like this:

  "EmblemName": "EMBLEM-696250-529190",
  "UserEmail": "23DFBD95-5365-4E0D-AC9A-9C61C8321313@mysite.com",
  "IdentityAddress": "1CTCvuCKyqmKLegkZpH9yHj1wkCPCVBmhU",
  "IdentityKey": "96683aad19e847bec2ce0e67cd87455d25f8c185a1082ebbc1f013a7288277fd"

Want to Know More?

Learn more about using upstream data here! Or, check out the example we used here in the CSV to Emblem Vault Template!