BTC Alert Template Send SMS

This component sends an SMS message using ClickSend.


  • msg: Enter the message that will go into the SMS here.
  • to: Enter the phone number for the recipient here. This needs to be in the E.164 standard format, which looks like the following: +[country code][subscriber number]. An example US phone number would be +18888511920.

Stuff you need to know

In the msg field, you can retrieve data from the previous component. The Console tab of that component displays the json response. To use that response data, enter {message.<your json path here>}. For example, in this template, {} retrieves the price of bitcoin from the "Threshold Picker" component. 

Learn more at Using a Component's Response Data.

Having trouble?

Did you check that you entered a phone number for a recipient, and that it is in the correct format?