Stuff You Should Know

Timer will trigger the Circuit to run repeatedly, with the frequency you choose. Frequency is entered as milliseconds. Use this component for a Circuit that you would like to run frequently and regularly.

How to Configure

Component-specific settings:
  • Interval in milliseconds (spinner) - The time, in milliseconds, to wait between triggering the Circuit.
  • OUTPUT DATA(subgroup)
  • Data type(droplist) - This selection is optional and will default to String if nothing is selected. The following data types can be used:
    • String
    • Integer
    • Float
    • Boolean
    • Date
    • Object
    • Base 64 as Buffer
  • Data (field) - You may enter some data to be sent to the connected component(s) each time the Time starts the Circuit.

Standard settings:

Click here to view information on standard settings.