Encrypt String

Stuff You Need to Know

This component allows you to encrypt a string.

How to Configure

Component-specific settings:
  • data (field) - This field is optional. This is the data to encrypt. Use this field if you are not otherwise sending data to this component from another component (such as the *Random String Generator*).
  • password (field) - While this field is optional, it is not recommended to leave it blank. You should enter a password to encrypt the data. If you do not enter a password, it will still encrypt but with a blank password... which is not very encryption-worthy.

Standard settings:

Click here to view information on standard settings.

What Happens Next

  "encrypted": "U2FsdGVkX18/QUmnpJFWbP3VYz62TV1bfJjzff5N8i7342OV1Ek45jqFLKpAUgpVkNTJyByNOy4/aroIjEJbAdCX9CK0Mtx3TbJ2kyj9mlc="