CoinCap Get Asset Details

Get all available CoinCap API asset details for a specific asset

Stuff You Need to Know

This component uses the CoinCap API to retrieve details for any specific coin they support. Possible details are listed in the tables below.

How to Configure

Component-specific settings:

Standard settings:

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What Happens Next


idunique identifier for asset
rankrank is in ascending order - this number is directly associated with the marketcap whereas the highest marketcap receives rank 1
symbolmost common symbol used to identify this asset on an exchange
nameproper name for asset
supplyavailable supply for trading
maxSupplytotal quantity of asset issued
marketCapUsdsupply x price
volumeUsd24Hrquantity of trading volume represented in USD over the last 24 hours
priceUsdvolume-weighted price based on real-time market data, translated to USD
changePercent24Hrthe direction and value change in the last 24 hours
vwap24HrVolume Weighted Average Price in the last 24 hours

Want More Info?

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