This is a very simple template, with just 2 components other than the Trigger: a component that creates an Emblem Vault, and then one that sends an email. In the Send Email component, we have entered HTML that formats the email body, and also pulls in key information from an Emblem Vault, so that you have the necessary information to access the Emblem Vault from anywhere.

In this example, Create Emblem Vault is a component that has NO settings. It does not need any more information from you to execute. What it receives is a large, complex object that represents an Emblem Identity and one Emblem Vault (just created) inside that Identity. You can read more about Emblem Identity and Emblem Vaults at their respective links.

The Send Email Component includes a few required fields to send an email. These are not new to people ... who is the email from, who is it going to, what is the subject, and what is in the main body of the email. Most modern email systems support HTML (and so do we!), so you can enter HTML into the body here. It looks like this:

and the full HTML is here:

<h2>Emblem Identity</h2>

<p>Your Emblem Identity private key is ...</p>

<p>(drumroll please)</p>


<p>Keep that somewhere safe!</p>

<h2>Emblem Vault</h2>

<p>Your secret shares for the vault that was just created are below:</p>

<p>ID share: </p>


<p>Your share: </p>


You can see in there that we are using the {} syntax to refer to data that is incoming from the Create Emblem Vault component. The private key for the Emblem Identity and the id_share and my_share are important for accessing the Emblem Vault later.

Any time someone is working with a cryptocurrency, whether in an Emblem Vault or in a wallet (software or hardware), backing up of super secret information is absolutely critical. Apps warn you not to take screenshots of your mnemonic phrases, and people do that anyway, and people write phrases down on paper, and then lose them. This template exemplifies the simplest possible example of automating backing up of critical, private, super secret information to protect your cryptocurrency.

What's that, you say? Sending private keys and shares, unencrypted, over email is WORSE than taking a screenshot of your mnemonic phrase? You are damn right it is, we completely agree. NEVER DO THIS.

How about you go and add some encryption to this Circuit and secure that information a little better? That's right, modify the existing template and see what you can do.